DenMat PeriOptix™ Solaris Mini LED



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The MicroLine mini portable LED is the latest generation LED which is significantly smaller and lighter than most other LED headlights. With a diameter of about the size of a dime and weighing less than 6 grams, the MicroLine mini delivers an amazing 40,000 lux of uniform light across a full 2.9 inch spot size at 14 inches.

Coupled with the unique external battery that packs more than 8 hours of use at full intensity, you’ll find this is the most comfortable, highest performing and most economical light you have ever used.

  • Weighs less that 7 grams!
  • Head diameter is only 0.69 x 0.83 inches!
  • Attaches to any loupe system or available on Freedom™ headband
  • Includes 8+ hour rechargeable Li ion battery
  • Easy-to-replace cable

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Data sheet

Dimensions 17 mm x 20 mm
Weight 6.9 g
Warranty 1 year
Lemputės galia 40.000 lux
Švietimo trukmė 8 h


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