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Dentatus Profin PDX - contra-angle handpiece



The Profin PDX with precise controlled movement of the reciprocating 1.2 mm motion 

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Its safe and ideal for delicate refi ning natural teeth and dental restorative materials. The PDX operates at low speeds and short intervals without automatic water spray, as spray is a major factor reducing the benefi ts of direct visibility. A small water spray clip is optionally available. Recommended speed 5000-10000 (max) rpm. The PDX contra-angle can be set in a self-steering mode, which is most often used in polishing procedures. The alternate fi xed mode is set by pushing the Lamineer® tip upward into one of the notched indexed positions of convenience. The fi xed position is used for creating anatomical corrections for esthetic alignments. The primary feature of the system is the ability to reduce, fi nish and polish treated areas without creating grooves or blemishes.

PDX’s companion series of Lamineer® tips provide easier access to hard-to-reach intraoral areas, and can be effectively used:

  • on enamel, metallic, ceramic and composite restorations
  • for refi ning gingival and incisal embrasures to natural forms
  • to contour and individualize anterior restorations
  • to reshape and polish tooth contacting areas
  • to correct and refinish at chairside margins prior to cementation

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