Obtura Spartan Endodontics

Obtura Spartan Endodontics (USA) - a unique blend of two innovative and progressive companies - Obtura Corporation and Spartan Ultrasonics.  Since union in 1995, Obtura-Spartan have implemented the best of both companies and have undergone numerous transformations and improvements as a result of our loyal customer feedback. 

Company is proud to stand before you today as a complete endodontic stop for quality products, educational resources and exceptional service. Your success is Obtura-Spartan priority and they have developed a strategy to support you no matter what your background in endodontics may be.  By providing the necessary tools and training for success, Obtura-Spartan Endodontics has the privilege of partnering with you in your pursuit of clinical endodontic success and complete patient care.  

Quality and Trust. For 25 years Obtura Spartan Endodontics has offered quality products that clinicians have come to know and trust.  Company is proud of the products it makes and believes that the tools you use are almost as important for success as the knowledge and skills you possess. Therefore, the company do not take the performance and quality of our products lightly.

Education and Training. We offer a clinically focused website which makes it easier than ever for you to explore endodontic educational resources and find the products that best fit your needs.  The EndoEducation section supports valuable articles and videos so you can stay up-to-date on relevant news and training.    

Service and Support. Endodontic success is not only about holding the right tools in your hand, but also applying relevant clinical knowledge with the confidence that the right people are supporting you along the way.  Members of Obtura-Spartan knowledgeable service staff are standing by to assist you with any product or practice questions you have and will always do their best to meet your individual, unique needs.  

Armed with products backed by 25 years of proven quality, the most relevant knowledge in the industry, and superior service support standing behind you, you will be able to achieve endodontic success and provide excellent patient care.



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